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COSMIC KOALA harness by courant x arbfiction

COSMIC KOALA harness by courant x arbfiction

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Elevating Tradition with the Cosmic Koala Harness

In the Cosmic Koala harness, Courant's heritage in arborist excellence is interlaced with the demands of modern tree care. This harness is a celestial union of form and function, designed for arborists who command performance and comfort in their skyward endeavors.

Technical Features:

Sturdy Belt with Side D-Rings: Offers robust support and multidirectional freedom.

Perforated Foam Padding: A breathable cushion that contours the body, as vast and open as space itself.

Customizable Straps: Waist, side, and leg straps feature precise adjustability with sleek Velcro management.

Cobra Quick Buckles: Ensure swift and secure fastening, akin to a spaceship hatch sealing for departure.

Ringo Connection: A lightweight alternative for bridge attachment, enhancing the climber's agility.

Millo Primary Bridge with Atoll Ring: Provides a reliable and flexible connection point, essential for versatile movement.

Originally available at: Lemon Tribe

Attachment Points Galore: Like stars in the night sky, they offer endless options for gear and accessory attachment.>

Decade-Long Journey: With a maximum lifespan of 10 years, this harness promises long-term companionship on your arborist voyages.

Certified to the high standards of CE EN 358 / EN 813, the Cosmic Koala harness is the culmination of Courant's relentless pursuit of innovation—engineered not just for climbing trees, but for reaching the stars.

The Koala harness:

The Cosmic Koala harness is a game-changer for arborists, setting a new standard in the canopy. Its lightweight design ensures effortless movement, mirroring the weightlessness of space. The specialized foam blend padding cradles the climber for unparalleled comfort during extended ascents. With intuitive Cobra buckles and Ringo connection, the harness offers ease of use and swift adaptability, akin to the efficiency of a seasoned astronaut. The diverse attachment points are a boon for gear-intensive tasks, and the ten-year lifespan solidifies its role as a reliable partner in any tree-climbing mission. The Cosmic Koala harness doesn't just meet expectations; it soars beyond them, providing arborists with a tangible advantage in their pursuit of the zenith.

Unparalleled Advantages

The Koala harness is Courant's testament to arborist gear innovation. It offers a unique set of advantages that elevate it to a preferred choice for tree care professionals:

Ergonomic Design: The harness is carefully sculpted to fit the natural contours of the body, ensuring that comfort is paramount during the rigors of tree climbing.

Lightweight Efficiency: By selecting high-quality, lightweight materials, Courant ensures that the harness contributes to the climber's agility rather than hindering it.

Superior Comfort: With its special blend of foam paddings, the Koala harness offers sustained comfort, essential for long hours among the branches.

Adjustability: The fit of the harness is highly customizable, thanks to its adjustable straps and Cobra buckles, ensuring it snugly fits a wide range of body types.

Durability: Constructed for longevity, the Koala harness promises up to a decade of reliable service, underscoring Courant's commitment to quality.

Certified Safety: Meeting CE EN 358 / EN 813 standards, the harness doesn't compromise on safety, offering peace of mind for climbers.

With these advantages, the Koala harness is not just equipment; it's an enhancement to the arborist's craft, allowing them to focus on the climb with confidence and comfort.

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